Inspirational writing

In Memory of John

“I have not gone”

by Janet Barton – July 2003

Don’t cry for me, please don’t be sad,
We shall be apart in the flesh only.
To see you sad, makes me sad,
And to see you cry, will bring tears to my eyes.
Mourn, if you must. Then put it to rest,
For life on both sides must move on.
Wouldn’t you have wished me well, whilst housed in the flesh?
So why not now?…
Now that I’m bathing in the ‘spirit light’,
Being true to myself.

I entered the Earth plane, through that dense deep fog,
To continue my school of learning,
But now it’s time to return, to rest a while, to assess,
All that has been experienced.

No….it never stops, but continues hopefully in harmony and love,
That continual flow which cannot cease
That heartbeat of universal love,
To be embraced by all, if they choose to.
We shall never be apart, and as long as you
Believe this, it will be so.
Let no one tell you differently.
You are part of me, as I am of you, and love will conquer all.
I have not gone, only in the flesh,
That dismal overcoat, which held me down.
Enjoy the memories…..what we had…..and what we shared.

Oh!!! How I’m flying now – soaring on a celestial plane,
Meeting with old friends and loved ones.
How can you not wish me well?
Now that I have returned to my rightful place.
Please be happy for me.
For at long last I have truly returned home.
My home…..Your home.
‘Love and light be with you always.’

copyright – Janet Barton 2003