Healing Clinic

The Healing Clinic is open every Wednesday evening at the Parkhouse Centre in Bude, Cornwall from 7.00p.m. until 9.00p.m. for Spiritual Healing. There is no charge for healing, though we do appreciate donations in order to pay for the hall.

We belong to the Church of the Holy Spirit of St. Austell, who are in turn members of the  Alliance of Healing Associations. We, and they are not linked with any particular religion and our philosophy is universal in concept.

Our healers are bound by the Code of Conduct of the Alliance of Healing Associations, which is in line with that drawn up by the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

There are always several qualified healers present, and you are free to choose who you see, or whether you would prefer a male or female healer.  You are welcome to sit within the Healing Room for a time so that you can see how each of the healers works, and then perhaps choose who you would like to see.

We are also a teaching clinic and have several probationer healers, so you may have more than one person working with you. If you would prefer to have only one healer, please make your feelings known. We won’t be offended!

For more information please visit the Bude healing clinic’s own website.