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What is a spiritualist church

Well, as in all Churches, they vary, but in our case we are true to our name – Bude Free Spirits. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, creed or religion, or no religion. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t hold services in the dark, and things don’t go flying around the room! The hall is lit brightly! We believe that after we die in this life, we go back into ‘Spirit’ until we choose to come back into ‘human form’ again. In the Spiritualist Church ‘Mediums’ demonstrate that there is life after death, in Spirit form, by ‘channelling’ information from the spirit world that gives evidence, indisputable proof, that they are in contact ‘with the other side’.

In our church, our Thursday services generally have the following format;

An opening prayer, a hymn, a reading from the visiting medium, a healing section (more later), an address from the visiting medium, another hymn, then the medium will do their demonstration of mediumship. The whole lasting approximately one and a half hours. You may find the link below useful.

The Spiritualist Website

Church Listings and a short history of the Spiritualist Movement

Because of the very close link between the Church and the Healing Clinic, healing is a very important part of our service, and comprises of a short healing hymn, a healing prayer, and absent healing being sent to those named in our healing book.

If you are attending for the first time, please let us know when you arrive, and we can put you at ease, and tell you what to expect. Our church service start at 7.30pm and are alwayd held on a Thursday. Click here to see who is on.

Our Principles

Spiritualism is a recognised religion, with it’s own spirituality. These are the principles that members of Bude Free Spirits endeavour to live by.

We welcome everyone to this Church, regardless of belief or culture, we honour the Spirit that is within each and every one of us.

We try to live our lives with love, peace, compassion, tolerance, humanity, humility, understanding and kindness – in other words we choose to live Spiritually.

We believe Spirit is eternal, and our purpose here is to evolve, and as such we believe in communication with those in the Spirit World.

We believe that we have personal responsibility for our actions and reactions.

We endeavour to make our world a better place to live in.

We are one with Mother Earth and all she sustains.

Please Note!

As a Spiritualist Church we obviously believe that we can and do communicate with the Spirit World. To do this Mediums enter an ‘altered state’ and the results cannot be guaranteed. If you have any medical condition that could mean that you may be adversely affected by witnessing this, please DO NOT attend any of our events.

You make a personal choice to attend our events. Please remember that you are responsible for any decisions you choose to make as a result of a reading from or demonstration by a medium.